Corona lockdown: Reset your goals, mind and nutrition, and never let a crisis go to waste!

All gyms are closed for the upcoming three weeks until April 6. The impact of this public health intervention on our daily live is pretty big. Although most of us will agree to the importance and urgency of this intervention for our society, it might also cause stress on an individual level when working out feels like a necessity to stay physically and mentally fit; to enjoy the adrenaline and endorphin rush; and to feel the support of the gym community.


Worrying questions might come to mind, such as: “Will I lose my gains and endurance if I can’t workout at the gym? How do I maintain my weight loss process, or is weight gain unavoidable during this lockdown? Will I lose my mind if I miss the destressing effect of working out? How do I motivate myself to keep on track with my health, when I’m home alone without my gym buddies? Will this lockdown have an enormous negative effect on my goals in nutrition and sports?

The facts demonstrate there is no need to stress out about the effects of this lockdown on your physical and mental health. You can even benefit from it. As long as you follow these two guidelines:

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Diving into the subject of Mental Toughness

Last month we’ve provided you with posts on healthy meal prepping. The upcoming weeks we’ll dive into the topic of Mental Toughness, what it actually is and what people might think it is, but really isn’t. Because mental toughness is so much more than just being a tough cookie!
We’ll discuss how Mental Toughness can help you to effectively pursuit your goals and improve your performances. Such as that desired weight loss, a PR in sports, sticking to your new years resolutions, making that deadline at work, dealing with stress and setbacks.
We’ll pay special attention to the significant role Mental Toughness can play in the complex relation between mental and physical health, stress, mindset and positive psychology. And, as you would expect from us, we’ll provide you with practical tips on how you can develop Mental Toughness yourself. So stay tuned and check our website, Facebook and Linkedin!