What is a good vegetarian food choice?

Do you sometimes find yourself staring at the supermarket shelf with vegetarian foods, confused what to choose?

Here are four guidelines to help you make the right choice:






1. Of the total calories of the product at least 20% needs to come from protein 

(example: if the product contains 300 cal per portion, at least 60 cal need to come from protein. 1 gram of protein contains 4 cal, so this product must contain at least 15 grams of protein)

2. The product must contain more than 0,8 miligram iron per 100 gram

3. The product must contain more than 0,06 miligram vitamin B1 / 0,24 miligram vitamin B12 per 100 gram

4. The product shouldn’t contain more than 450 grams sodium per 100 gram

Try to eat legumes at least once a week: 130 grams is a good substitute for 100 grams of meat of fish.

Healthy and environment friendly!

Allerhande misleidend over ‘gezonde’ recepten

Allerhande vindt gezond eten belangrijk. Daarom krijgen sommige recepten ene Gezond sticker. Hartstikke goed idee. Echter, deze recepten zijn niet gezond! Ze bevatten veel te weinig groente en eiwit, en teveel vet. Misleiding voor wie bewuster wil eten en soms een beetje hulp nodig heeft bij het maken van de juiste keuzes. Wij zetten het op een rijtje en geven gezondere alternatieven.

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How to prevent cancer by improving your daily habits around the kitchen

In The Netherlands, 13 people are diagnosed with cancer every hour. It can affect you too. Good to know is that the risk of cancer depends for 40% on your lifestyle. So your daily routine around the kitchen can greatly contribute to the prevention of cancer. In this article we dive into the reasons behind this huge effect of lifestyle. We give you practical tips on what you can do on a daily basis for prevention of cancer and what you should avoid and why. Spoiler: stop using supplements!

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