New: vitamin G!

Research by the University of Essex has shown that outdoor training is more effective than indoor. Sports causes your blood pressure to drop and improves your mood and self-esteem. This effect appears larger in a green environment. Research of the VU University Medical Centre has shown that the risk of serious diseases such as diabetes, lung disease and depression is lower in a green environment. The production of vitamin D is stimulated, your hormone balance and sleeping and eating patterns are better regulated, you breathe cleaner air in, the green surroundings has a sparkling effect on the brain and keeps you moving longer and better. Vitamin Green!



Working out together is healthier

Research by the American College of Sports Medicine show that working out with others is much more healthy than working out alone by yourself. It keeps you motivated  and it’s more fun. Furthermore, exercising together makes you push your limits during a workout. Also, working out with others will stimulate other healthy behavior like healthy eating. Nice to know: women who exercise and eat healthy together lose 4,5 kg more weight than women who are doing that on their own. Working out together makes the first step to exercise much easier and ones you’ve started, you’ll be less likely to stay on the sofa if you don’t feel up for anything. And, it’s always nice to meet new people!

Resting days: essential for results!

Resting days. One of the most impopular topics for athletes and often heavily underestimated. Resting days: your ultimate challenge! Read all about the importance of resting days, that those days don’t mean doing nothing, and how to recognise and prevent getting overtrained.

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