With the unique Flex Method© you’re being coached to develop a healthy lifestyle own power! 

Flex Method© does what works scientifically proven

The Flex-Method© is a unique method for lifestyle coaching, based on scientific research and practical experience. The method is constantly evolving on the basis of the latest international findings concerning lifestyle medicine and coaching.

We do not follow trends or sell miracles. We don’t believe in weekly sessions with a personal trainer, prescribed nutritional meals or meal replacement products like bars, pills or shakes. We coach you how to live a healthy lifestyle on your own power. Therefor, coaching by Flex Gym never last longer than necessary.

A healthy lifestyle has different meanings from one person to another. And that’s ok, because everyone is unique. There is no standard approach that works in exactly the same way for everyone. The Flex-Method© is a professional tailor-made approach that integrates all aspects of your lifestyle. All routed in the concept of Positive Health.

Coaching program

A coaching program goes as follows:

  • Screening
    When you email us reaching out for coaching, we contact you by phone for the screening. During the screening we ask a few questions to assess whether the coaching can start immediately or a referral to a doctor or specialist is required first. Then, we discuss your goals and wishes. We explain how a coaching program goes exactly, what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. We do this to determine whether we are the right coach for you. And to explore whether there is a good match from both sides. Coaching means working together based on trust, so it needs to feel good!
  • Extensive personal intake
    Coaching always starts with the extensive personal intake to get a comprehensive insight in all aspects of your lifestyle such as your eating- exercise and sleeping habits. We dive into your current lifestyle and the desired change you want to achieve. We run through a comprehensive questionnaire and, depending on your goals, also do a number of health measurements and/or fitness tests.
  • Diary
    In most cases we ask you to keep a diary for a few days, for example of your nutrition, exercise or sleeping pattern. This depends on your goals and desired change you want to achieve.
  • Treatment consult
    On the basis of a detailed analysis of the data from the extensive personal intake, and additionally the diary, we design a personal and tailor-made treatment (coaching) program. During the treatment consult, we discuss the results from the extensive intake and dive into the coaching program including our suggestion on the steps to take to reach your goals.
  • Follow- up consults
    The screening, the extensive personal intake and the treatment consult are three fixed components of a coaching program. The number of follow-up consults are determined together. At all times, you’re in charge and you decide how much and how often follow-up consults take place. We’ll advice you of course.
    During the follow-up consults we measure your progression and you’re being coached in the best possible way to reach your goals and achieve the desired change. You’ll be handed practical tips, we do coaching exercises with you and sometimes you’re asked to do some homework. On the basis of your progression and experiences the coaching program is refined and adapted to what works best for you. In that way, progress and results are guaranteed.
  • Aftercare
    Flex Gym coaches you towards a healthy lifestyle. Even when you’ve reached your goals, Flex Gym is here for you. In an aftercare process we evaluate your healthy lifestyle one-time or periodically. You’re coached to sustain or even further improve your new healthy habits for lasting results.

More information

For more information, please feel free to contact us.