With the unique Flex Method© you will learn how to live a healthy and fit life on your own power! 

Nutrition is the foundation for health

We do not offer prescribed dietary menus or meal replacement products.

Our main focus is on nutrition. Simply because nutrition determines 70 percent of your results in health and fitness. And because there is much uncertainty about nutrition, as a result of all the trends and hypes that prescribe what you should or shouldn’t eat. Flex Gym offers tailor made nutritional advice. We teach you how to eat healthy and reach your goals on your own power. Flex Gym is affilitated to the Dutch Professional Association of Nutritionists. Nutritional advice is covered by most Dutch health insurers. Read about Nutrition.

Exercise on your own power instead of personal training

We are not the personal trainer who goes to the gym with you.

Exercise is essential for a healthy life. Exercise can be anything, from volleyball to a walk in the park. Most important is having fun, so you can keep it up for a long time. Flex Gym offers tailor made exercise advice, to find out what kind of exercise suits you the best, how to get more results from the sports you already play, or how to restart after an injury or pregnancy. So you can stay fit for a lifetime, without having to depend on a personal trainer. Read about Exercise.

Flex Method© does what works scientifically proven

For lasting results, you have to change your eating and exercise habits permanently. We tell it like it is.

The Flex-Method© is a unique method for advice and coaching, based on scientific research and practical experience. The method is constantly evolving on the basis of the latest international findings concerning nutrition and exercise. We do not follow trends or sell miracles. We don’t believe in weekly sessions with a personal trainer, prescribed nutritional meals or meal replacement products like bars, pills or shakes. We teach you how to live healthier, on your own power. Therefor, coaching by Flex Gym never last longer than necessary. Healthy eating and exercising have a different meaning for everyone. And that’s just fine, because every person is unique. There is no standard approach that works in exactly the same way for everyone. The Flex-Method© is a taylor made approach that integrates all aspects of your life. The Flex Method© has three elements:

1. Baseline

Every treatment starts with an extensive intake with a questionnaire and if necessary a health check and fitness assessments, to understand your health and lifestyle. On the basis of this baseline assessment, we determine your goals and develop a plan of action on nutrition and/or exercise. If necessary, we work together with your doctor or specialist.

2. Progress measurements

To measure is to know. Periodically we evaluate your progress. On the basis of your intermediate results and experiences the approach can be refined and adapted to what works best for your body. In that way, progress is guaranteed.

3. Aftercare

Flex Gym guides you to a healthy and fit life. Even when you reached your goals, Flex Gym is there for you. In an aftercare process we evaluate your healthy lifestyle one-time or periodically. You get advice and support to help sustain or even further improve your new habits for lasting results.

More information

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