Healthy Ageing

Healthy Ageing

Flex Gym specializes in in Healthy Ageing: ageing healthy thanks to lifestyle adjustments.

Lifestyle coaching focusses on how you can take control over your lifestyle and ageing process to create your own health. Lifestyle coaching is part of lifestyle medicine: early prevention rather than cure.

Flex Gym is certified senior coach and experienced in coaching seniors in lifestyle improvements such as in nutrition, exercise and happiness.

Healthy Ageing

Healthy Ageing means ageing healthy and happy and staying socially involved as we grow older, thanks to a lifestyle that is well adjusted to the changing necessities that come with ageing.

Every phase in life has its specific needs in nutrition, exercise and relaxation. For example, older people need less food than youngsters as their metabolism slows down. At the same time, more effort is needed to maintain muscle mass and stamina. And sometimes a powernap during the day is inevitable because ageing is associated with less deep midnight sleep. The process of ageing already starts at age 25.

In addition, in the course of the years the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease and depression are increasing. For women, the menopause plays a major role. Our mental and emotional well-being changes as we get older, among other things, as a result of hormonal and chemical changes in our bodies and our life experiences. These changing necessities in life require adjustments in our diet and smarter ways of exercising and relaxing to age in a physical, mental and emotional healthy way.

  • Ageing smart

Healthy Ageing is relatively new. Research institutes, business firms and civil society organizations are increasingly working together to develop more insights on Healthy Ageing. Yet the importance of Healthy Ageing is too often underestimated. The Netherlands has more than 7 million people aged 50 or older. hat number is expected to increase in the years to come. At the same time there are fewer young people to take care of seniors. Therefor, it’s important to age healthy and happy and to participate in employment and social activities for as long as possible.

Ageing is inevitable. Accepting the physical, mental and emotional changes we go through creates space to make smart choices to stay healthy and fit. “Train smarter, not harder” is a good example.

Ignore, deny and get frustrated you’re no longer able to do at 45 what you could at the age of 25, does not help. On the other hand, thinking you’re doomed for disaster also does not work and is definitely not true. We’re capable of doing great thing even at a very high age. At least, if we stay active physically and mentally, keep enjoying life, take good cate of ourselves and believe in ourselves!

Lifestyle coaching in Healthy Ageing

Flex Gym offers lifestyle coaching in Healthy Ageing. We teach you about the specific necessities in nutrition, exercise and relaxation that fit your life phase and about the changing necessities to come during your life. The coaching is aimed at how you can take control over your lifestyle and ageing process and create your own health. Such as how you can significantly reduce menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and weight gain with changes in your diet, exercise and relaxation.

  • Prevention and cure

Lifestyle coaching in Healthy Aging is prevention and cure. A healthy lifestyle can decrease the risk of chronic diseases as cardiovascular disease, obesity and depression up to 50%. It can even cure type II diabetes.

  • Lifestyle medicine

Lifestyle coaching in Healthy Ageing is new. It is part of lifestyle medicine and aligned with the new vision on health: Positive Health. Health is considered more than the presence or absence of physical or mental problems or diseases. It’s about taking control of your life and about developing power to improve the quality of your life. Medical intervention is not necessarily the best solution. Coaching is considered an equivalent type of intervention, that also works preventively and makes you less dependent on health care.

Senior coaching

Over thirty percent of the world population is 65 year or older. Ageing is a complex process with positive and negative sides. Seniors can look back on beautiful life experiences and have the time to enjoy their well-deserved rest and their hobbies. Ageing, however, also comes with physical discomfort or cognitive changes such as a less good memory. Also loneliness, loss of loved ones, relationship problems or issues of meaning may play a role.

Seniors have different nutritional needs than younger people, partly as a result of physical aging processes such as taste changed and reduced appetite. Also weight gain and diseases such as diabetes may play a role. A healthy diet can help seniors stay physically and mentally fit for a longer period of time. Also exercise is not to be taken for granted. Physical and mental barriers, feelings of loneliness or insecurity and lack of energy can cause seniors to become inactive. Once inactive, it’s a small step towards UN- Healthy Ageing.

  • Lifestyle coaching can improve the quality of life

Flex Gym is certified lifestyle coach for seniors and well experienced in coaching seniors in lifestyle improvements such as in nutrition, exercise and happiness. Starting point is that you are the expert in and about your own life. Flex Gym coaches you how to use your own qualities and skills to achieve the desires improvements. A healthy lifestyle can improve the quality of life.

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