Healthy Ageing

Healthy Ageing

Flex Gym specializes in Healthy Ageing: Healthy, happy and active ageing. Lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and mental health are essential for wellbeing.

As a certified seniors coach, nutritional expert and Phd in Social and Behavioural Sciences, specialized in nutri- gerontology and psychology in health and ageing, Flex Gym offers you coaching in the process of ageing. Furthermore, Flex Gym offers practical tips and coaching on nutrition and exercise for seniors

Healthy Ageing

Healthy Ageing means: ageing healthy and active and being happy and involved in the community for as long as possible. Healthy Ageing covers all aspects of live. From exercise and nutrition to feelings of fulfilment and happiness, health, work, family and friends. Lifestyle plays an important role.

The Netherlands are ageing

The Netherlands have more than 3 million people in the age of 65 years or older. That number will increase in coming years. At the same time, there are fewer and fewer young people to take care for the elderly. Healthy, active and happy ageing and remain socially involved is therefore essential. It is not yet obvious that elderly people are being involved or that older people themselves take the initiative to do so.

Healthy Ageing is new

Healthy Ageing is a relatively new topic, that has been getting attention in international setting recently. Research institutes, businesses and social organisations work together more frequently to come to insights and solutions to Healthy Ageing. If you like to stay informed on the latest developments, please go to Tips.

Flex Gym specializes in Healthy Ageing

Lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and mental health play a large role in Healthy Ageing. Flex Gym contributes to Healthy Ageing in a practical manner: by coaching in the process of ageing and by providing advice and guidance in nutrition and exercise for seniors. The goal is to stimulate your independence and by learning you how to age healthy and fit on your own. Starting point is the Flex method © which does what scientifically proven works. Everyone is different and Flex Gym offers a tailor made approach.

The process of ageing

Aging is a complex process with positive and negative sides. Seniors can look back on beautiful life experiences and have the time to enjoy their well-deserved rest and their hobbies. Ageing, however, also comes with physical discomfort or cognitive changes such as a less good memory. Also loneliness, loss of loved ones, relationship problems or issues of meaning may play a role.

Flex Gym is certified seniors coach and offers solution-oriented coaching in the process of aging. Starting point is that you are the expert in and about your own life. Flex Gym trusts in your qualities and teaches you how to use your own skills to achieve improvement. The improvement is central.

Nutrition and exercise for seniors

Nutrition and exercise are an essential part of Healthy Ageing. Until recently nutrition hardly played any role in health care. Only recently it gains a deeper understanding of the importance of good nutrition for health and specifically for the health of seniors: the field of nutri- gerontology. Seniors have different nutritional needs than younger people, partly as a result of physical aging processes such as taste changed and reduced appetite. Also overweight and diseases such as diabetes may play a role. Healthy diet can help the elderly stay physically and mentally fit for a longer period of time.

Flex Gym is certified and experienced in coaching seniors in nutrition and exercise. Also exercise is not to be taken for granted. Physical and mental complaints, loneliness, insecurity and lack of energy can cause seniors to become inactive. Once inactive the step to UNHealthy Ageing is a small one. Flex Gym offers nutritional advice and exercise advice, with special attention to the aspects of aging.