In- Company

In- Company

Flex Gym offers employers advice and guidance to encourage a healthy lifestyle at work. By sporty corporate events, the ‘walk-in hours healthy living’ and the 30 Days Challenge.


In- Company

Investing in health policy pays off. It reduces absenteeism and increases productivity and work sphere. In addition, healthy employees have a greater change to extend their working live. A healthy lifestyle is the responsibility of your employee. You can stimulate this by providing sports facilities and healthy food and by informing your employees on how to live a healthy live.

Advice and guidance

Flex Gym advices employers on how to develop practical affordable methods to promote and implement health policy. Flex Gym partners with your health and safety service, re-integration service, company fitness, social work and human-resource section. For your employees, Flex Gym’s advice on nutrition is covered by most Dutch health insurers.

Sporty corporate events

Exercise connects people in fun way. Flex Gym organizes sporty corporate events and company meetings on exercise and healthy nutrition.

Walk-in hours healthy living

For individual advice on healthy living, Flex Gym offers employees the ‘walk-in hours healthy living’ at the workplace. During this walk-in, employees can ask personal questions and receive practical tips and advice. If desired, this can be followed up with more intensive individual coaching on nutrition and/or exercise.

30 Days Challenge

Working together with a group of colleagues during 30 days on a common goal, like losing weight. Flex Gym coaches the group with advice on exercise and nutrition, so the group can work by themselves, to reach their goal.

More information

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