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Investing in the lifestyle of your employees pays off! Flex Gym advices and coaches companies in the development, implementation and evaluation of lifestyle policy. Flex Gym has extensive experience in scientific research and in various positions in public and private organizations.


Investing pays off

One in six employees has burn-out symptoms. More than half of the Dutch population has an unhealthy lifestyle and is inactive, overweight and has sleeping disorders. Thirty procent of all Dutch working women are going through the menopausal phase and over 80% of them suffer from symptoms that lead to sick leave from work.

Investing in the mental, emotional and physical health of your employees has a preventive as well as a curative effect. It reduces absenteeism, improves the working atmosphere and increases productivity up to 20 percent. In addition, healthy employees have a greater change to extend their working live.*

A healthy lifestyle is the responsibility of your employee. Nevertheless, you can stimulate this and we can advice and coach you with it.

Our expertise

Flex Gym advices and coaches companies in the development, implementation and evaluation of lifestyle policy. We have extensive experience in scientific research and in several positions in management and human resource management in private and public settings. Read more about us.

Policy development and evaluation

With an extensive background in scientific research in the field of policy development and evaluation, Flex Gym ca advice you on how to develop successful lifestyle policy. Well begun is half done! Furthermore, Flex Gym can advice you on the organization and execution of the evaluation of your lifestyle policy, and can also do the evaluation for you.

Policy implementation

Essential to the success of your lifestyle policy is sustained emphasis on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and embedding it in the structure and culture of your organization. Flex Gym offers advice on practical and affordable ways to achieve this.

For example, by making the lifestyle of your employees a permanent topic in staff meetings. This creates opportunities for preventive action in cooperation with your staff and increases the chances of sustainable employability. Or the development of healthy habits such as the right to have ‘off-time’ and not answer calls or emails after working hours or the habit of taking a 10 minute break after every two hours off work. Also, think of introducing health nudges into the workplace so healthier choices are made more quickly and unconsciously such as choosing fruits in stead of fries during a lunch break.

Flex Gym partners with your health and safety service, re-integration service, company fitness, social work and human-resource section. Furthermore, we offer practical instruments for the implementation of lifestyle policy:

  • Sporty corporate events and programs
    Exercise connects people. Working together with a group of colleagues on a common goal, such a losing weight of running a marathon for charity. Flex Gym can develop these tailor-made group programs and coaches the group to reach their goal. A ‘bootcamp in suit’ can be a fun start of a company event and can really boost complex management processes. Flex Gym organizes sporty corporate events and can act as experienced moderator in organizational change projects.
  • Lifestyle seminar
    The Lifestyle seminar is organized at your workplace and is tailor made to your company. I covers all aspects of a healthy lifestyle such as nutrition, exercise and energy management.
  • Walk-in hours
    The walk-in hour is organized at your workplace, one time or periodically. Your employees can ask personal questions and receive lifestyle tips. The walk-in hour can be combined with for example a medical examination by your health and safety department or as part of a vitality week.

More information

We look forward working with you creating a healthy company! For more info, please feel free to contact us.

*source: Trimbos Instituut; Volksgezondheidenzorg; CBS; Womeninc