How to be truly successful in life?

Holiday is the perfect time to reflect on daily life. On our wishes and goals. Stuff that once seemed important suddenly becomes trivial. Wouldn’t it be great if we could hold on to that feeling all year long?

A post to give you some inspiration.



Holiday is the perfect time to reflect on daily life. On our wishes, goals and ambitions and on the greater good in life. Time off helps to clear the mind, to create more head space and to free ourselves from our daily distractions. Stuff that once seemed important suddenly becomes trivial.

Once back home, it only takes us about a week to slide back into our old life and habits. It doesn’t take much to reframe that great holiday head space as childish unrealistic dreaming. Even though the greatest ideas and insights pop up at times when we’re just wondering around doing nothing.

In daily life, we often feel the need to define and display our success in terms of our latest achievements in business and career. But does that really reflect our success and happiness?

Posts on social media are great to share our victories, but there is also a downside. It can implicitly be a breeding ground for negative stress. Constantly comparing ourselves to others. The fear of missing out. The feeling we need to live up to certain expectations. The crazy idea we must excel in everything 24/7.

That’s not life. Failure, insecurity, self doubt, loss. All parts of life. Ugly parts, but often the ones we eventually learn and grow from. Parts that help us connect with others, that make life interesting and unique. Haven’t seen a lot of those posts in social media lately, have you?

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if we would share not only our accomplishments on social media, but also about what didn’t work, didn’t happen, totally failed? On how many attempts it took us to get stuff done? On how hard we’ve worked but still didn’t make it? Think about the effect that would have on you.

Social media can drive us further away from what I think life and success should be about: being true to yourself and your inner voice. Not getting distracted by whatever it is that shuts up that voice. Figuring out your own definition of success, trying to live up to that, and be your authentic self. I’m convinced that is the key to happiness and success in all aspects in life.

So, while sipping my coffee at the beach, I’m thinking of ways to hold on to that holiday head space. Of ways to prevent myself from reframing it within a few weeks after getting back home, as unrealistic dreaming. Of ways to be bold and stay true to my inner voice no matter what. Maybe even start posting some failures every now and then 😉

Just some inspiration to think about!