When you want to lose weight and it’s summer holiday: tricky!

When you want to lose weight, a summer holiday can be quite tricky. Why is it so hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle, during and after the vacation? In this article we will tell you what exactly the crux of this problem is and give you 4 tips to help you!




If you want to lose weight a summer holiday can be quite tricky. Your daily routine is off, you’re eating differently, maybe with more alcohol, and the gym isn’t around the corner. Additionally: it’s summertime, you might as well enjoy yourself, right?

Extra holiday pounds are such a waist of all your hard work and certainly not healthy for you. In addition, it is often very hard to pick up your healthy regime when summer vacation is over. It almost feels like a punishment to eat healthy and exercise regularly again.

This is exactly the crux of the problem why many people do not succeed in maintaining a healthy weight after a period of losing it first. The healthy eating and sport rhythm is seen as time limited: we do it a certain period of time to achieve our goal: to lose those pounds. We follow a diet, go to the gym regardless of whether we like it, and we’re losing the excess weight. But then it usually stops. The pounds are off, so now we can go back to ‘ normal ‘: to how it was before the healthy regime was introduced. The consequence: also the weight goes back to ‘ normal ‘, to the overweight as it was.

We have not learned to eat healthier and exercise more 365 days a year. To independently make healthier food choices or cook healthier dishes. We have not learned what kind of exercise we really like it instead of see as a punishment. So we haven’t developed a new healthier behaviour or a healthier lifestyle. That is why we often fall back into our old behavior (read: old pounds) during the summer vacation, and therefor it can be hard to pick up our healthy rhythm right after. While a healthy lifestyle actually does not cease during or after a holiday. A healthy lifestyle is for life!

Four practical tips to help you:

1. Reminder
Before you go on summer holiday, look up an image that reminds you of your goal. Such as a picture of the dress you so like to fit again. Or of your children with whom you would like to run without being totally out of breath after 5 minutes. Take the picture with you on holiday and make sure you place it somewhere where you can see it every morning.

2. Rhythm
Try to stick to your healthy eating and sport rhythm
– Eat regularly and at scheduled times during the day
– Be prepared, take a healthy snack on the go: vegetable, fruit, water. Avoid getting raided by a snack stall
– Consciously choose when you drink a glass of alcohol or eat an unhealthy snack, also choose moments when you skip this.
– Be smart in restaurants: lots of vegetables and a palm size of meat, fish or a replacement. Minimize bread, potatoes, rice or pasta (unless you’re a “top” athlete are of course)
– Exercise every day, and not only those walks to the swimming pool … at least 30 minutes intensive exercise

3. Relax
Summer vacation is meant to relax and recharge. In addition, relaxing very healthy and it can even support your process of losing weight. Relax by doing nothing at all for 10 minutes per day, on your own: no music, book, phone. Just nothing. Let your mind run free, enjoy the present.

4. Rely
Losing weight and developing a new lifestyle can be a really difficult process and sometimes feel very lonely: you may feel you’re letting people down when you say no to cheese or cake. Also not everyone will be an immediate fan of your new lifestyle: it can be confrontational for others: now they are also aware of their (unhealthy) behavior. Yet, many people secretly want to live healthier and also admire others for taking his brave step.

It can be helpful to share your new lifestyle and your struggles with other. Tell others that you’d rather not drink alcohol but this is very difficult for you, when you all are having a BBQ together for example. Or you’d rather not have those pastries, but you’re afraid to tell this because you do not want to hurt others.

Most people will really understand your choices. By sharing your process with them, you give them the opportunity to help you. Furthermore, you’re making it a bit easier on yourself. So: rely on others to help you with your healthy lifestyle!