Can you workout with a worn-out knee?

Many people suffer from a “worn out knee”. A collective name for various different complaints with different backgrounds, whether or not officially diagnosed. Common symptoms are pain when moving, a limited range of motion, stiffness and instability. The pain and discomfort sometimes make it hard for you to move. Yet this is essential! What to do and to avoid?

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Healthy alternative for dip sauces

Mayonnaise, cheese sauce, cream sauce. This can make a seemingly healthy dish as a salad very unhealthy. These sauces often contain a lot of saturated fat, sugar, salt and various artificial additives to make the product longer lasting. You can easily make healthy alternatives by yourself! Mayonnaise or cream can easily be replaced by yogurt. Cheese can be replaced by Hutenkase. Also think of dips made from vegetables, such as pureed tomatoes or beans or chickpeas. Experiment with herbs and make your own delicious dips and dressings!

Healthy alternative for cookies

 Many of us sometimes change into a kind of cookie monster, craving for tasty cookies. And then try to put ayway the box after that one cookie… Our brain causes this irresistible craving. Fortunately, here are a few healthy alternatives.

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Superfoods aren’t always healthy

Please keep in mind that, even though certain foods a significantly better choice than others, they are not by definition without calories and something you can eat in huge amounts. An example: Students oats (unsalted nuts and raisins) is a healthier choice than salted chips. Chips are high in unhealthy fats, salt and various artificial additives while students oats contain healthy fats and is a relatively unprocessed product without artificial additives. But 100 grams of oats still contains 490 kcal and 100 grams chips 545 kcal! So don’t fool yourself and moderate your healthy choices as well!

Too tired to exercise?

Too tired to workout? Fatigue can cause cravings, especially for sugar and your sense of saturation can get confused. You may think you’re hungry, but you really just need to rest. Also, the distinction between hunger and thirst is hard to make when you’re tired. The tip: Try to maintain your normal eating pattern as much as possible. And first drink a large glass of water when you think you’re hungry. Trust me, it helps!