New Dutch standards for vitamins and minerals

The Health Council of the Netherlands published new standards for vitamins and minerals for adults.

What changed and what are the consequences for your daily nutrition?

On the Dutch page of this article, you can find all the information.

Question for you!


“Do you know anyone who has exactly the same length and body weight as you? Whose biceps are exactly the same size? Who runs in exactly the same way and exactly as fast? Who breathes at exactly the same time and who gets exactly the same results on the toilet as you?”


Then why do we still think the diet someone else follows will work in exactly the same way for us?

We all are unique individuals with unique functioning bodies. If you want to lose weight, get stronger or improve your nutrition for other reasons, be smart. Figure out what works the best for you, in the long run.

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Paleo kills ya!

Low-carb diets with lots of meat, such as Paleo, increase the chance of mortality. That’s the primary outcome of a very thorough scientific study recently published in The Lancet Public Health (aug 16, 2018).

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