Eat yourself towards health! With a balanced diet you can get a healthy weight, better (sports) performance, more energy and less physical and mental problems.

Flex Gym offers lifestyle coaching to develop a healthy eating pattern that suits your life. Because everyone is unique and nutrition asks for a tailor- made approach. No diet, yet lasting results!

Flex Gym specializes in weight counseling, sports nutrition, emotional eating disorders and in Healthy Ageing: how to adapt your nutrition to the changing needs associated with ageing.


Food as medicine

Healthy eating keeps you physically and mentally healthy. It gives you the nutrients and energy to optimize performance and maintain a healthy weight. Good nutrition supports cognitive and emotional brain functions and a good intestinal flora reduces the risk of depression.

More than 50% of all Dutch people are overweight, don’t exercise enough and deal with too much stress. An unhealthy lifestyle is a major cause of chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, heart failure, cancer, stroke and depression. With some 35,000 deaths annually and 9 billion in health care expenditures as a result.

A healthy diet and a healthy weight reduce the risk of these chronic diseases and helps in their cure. Also a healthy diet a significant effect on the reduction of other symptoms such as menopausal symptoms, rheumatic diseases, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic fatigue. Plus, a healthy diet and a healthy weight make it much easier to exercise and relax.*

Lifestyle coaching

  • Nutritional coaching
    Flex Gym has many years of experience in nutritional coaching with great results. We coach you to develop a balanced healthy nutritional pattern that fits your life. Because everyone is unique and every body reacts differently to food. No hype, no prescribed weekly menus or meal replacement products because nutrition asks for a tailor- made approach. We only do what works scientifically proven.
    We give you practical tips and information on nutrition. You learn to listen to your body and we coach you how you can adjust your diet to the specific needs associated with your way of life. The starting point is a comprehensive analysis of your lifestyle and your qualities so you can create the lifestyle you want on your own power. The Flex Method© makes eating healthy easy and self- evident!
  • Nutrition, exercise and relaxation in balance
    The best results are achieved when nutrition, exercise and relaxation are in balance. For example, a lack of sleep can have a negative effect on your weight and sport results. Therefor our Flex-Method© is a professional tailor- made approach that integrates all aspects of your health and lifestyle. So even when your coaching starts with the wish to lose weight, we also pay attention to your exercise habits and relaxation pattern. We focus on all aspects of your lifestyle for optimal results.
  • Lifestyle coaching: Create your own health!
    Flex Gym is founded from the believe that everyone can live a healthy life, but it’s not equally easy for everyone. We all have the qualities within ourselves to reach our goals and dreams, but sometimes we get stuck in old (unhealthy) habits and patterns that are hard to break on our own. Lifestyle coaching focusses on identifying and breaking these patterns and learning new more healthy ones. We teach you how you can take control over your lifestyle and reach your goals and wishes on your own power: Create your own health! Lifestyle coaching can ease the road to a healthy lifestyle.

More information

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*source: Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu; Health Council of The Netherlands.