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I was always relatively active, doing some sports quite regularly. I also thought my diet is reasonably OK. Nevertheless, I was never able to build up healthy muscle mass. My life was an endless cycle of gaining and losing fat.

Two years ago I decided to try Crossfit. After the initial beginner improvements my fitness level was stagnant on average-low level. At some point I decided to ask Meyken to guide me how to eat, how to exercise, to have a lot of energy and become stronger. After an intake meeting I started following a food plan.

Initially it felt like I’m eating too much but very shortly I realized I have more energy, I fatigue less, and surprisingly, I have an appetite for even more food! Over the time we were adjusting food plan to meet growing energy demand. In less than a month I felt like running on rocket fuel and this feeling is with me till today. In three months I gained 3 kilo’s of lean muscle mass and my percentage of body fat dropped!

Whas the change difficult? Not at all! Very quickly I felt the difference it makes. Why would I eat a big chocolate cake instead of a nutritious dinner? It will taste sweet for 2 minutes and pleasure will end. After a healthy meal I feel full of energy for a few hours. I fuel up my body with best quality fuel, the same way I’m fueling my car with good quality gasoline.

Meyken put me on the right track to follow a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and eating habits. This is a life-long journey but because I learned how to eat healthy and tasty, it is easy to stay on the right path. Without Meyken I would still be blindly walking in circles!

Jan (30), Schiedam

Sustainable habits, more energy and 3kg lean muscle mass in 3 months!
Jan, Schiedam


I came across Meyken and Flex Gym two years when I started Crossfit and immediately liked Meyken’s pragmatic approach to training and marginal improvements.

To take a step back, I have always struggled with body confidence and never felt comfortable in my own skin despite exercise having been a priority in my life. When I first started speaking to Meyken about this, I had no idea of the kind of journey I was embarking on. Meyken’s approach to health and fitness is a holistic one. Yes, you might be thinking you know what I’m talking about – but you don’t until you embark on this journey!

With her background in health psychology combined with her experience in sports and fitness, Meyken guides you into reviewing habits, triggers behind certain behaviours and especially proposes pragmatic steps that can be implemented to overcome these (because let’s face it, we all have struggles that unknowingly impact our health!). She takes the time to explain the science behind why you should implement certain things when working towards your health.

As much as I hate to get caught up in numbers, I can proudly say I’ve lost 12kg in 7 months whilst having fun, enjoying food, building healthy habits, quitting smoking and of course having an amazing coach who is truly dedicated and compassionate! However, the biggest achievement by far has been how I see myself and the confidence it has brought me to take on other challenges in my life. My relationship with food is much healthier than it has ever been and I now nourish my body to train harder!

Meyken and Flex Gym have a clear why – bringing health and fitness everywhere. This is clearly seen in her numerous successes as a coach but also how she embodies health herself. Flex Gym has taught me that all big changes start with small steps and everyone is capable of owning their lifestyle and feeling great about themselves.

I could never be grateful enough to Flex Gym and Meyken for the lifechanging impact on my life. I truly hope that you will decide to let Meyken guide you through your health journey because everyone deserves to feel amazing about themselves! Own your health, own your lifestyle!

Sheena (28), Rotterdam

Own you health, own your lifestyle!
Sheena, Rotterdam


In May 2019, I asked my son about his lifestyle coach and whether that would be something for me. I’ve always been on the heavy side and never thought I could weigh under 100 kg. I made an appointment with Meyken and really had to face myself.
In 2003 I had a severe hernia, in 2008, I broke one ankle and in 2010 the other one falling from the garage roof. The calcaneus fracture I healed reasonably, but the pain was always intense.
Mid 2019 I started the coaching trajectory. I learned how to make healthy choices, even when going to a restaurant. During our vacation in Italy, I asked the resort to take into account our healthy food preferences. (yes ‘our’ because my husband joined me), and every day the staff was more than happy to help us. Even on holiday in the USA with a friend, we took up the challenge together.
This is actually the whole point: The choices you think are impossible to make, are actually really doable!
Exercise is also a necessity, and I still need to make more time for that because it makes you feel better and gives you more self-confidence. The taste of your food is more pure and you don’t need to add additives. It tastes good!
I never could have imagined this. You always think: Oh poor me, I eat so little yet I’m still too heavy. But it really doesn’t have to be like that!
I lost 22 kilos land am now on a stable weight. I feel much better, have much more energy and my sleep has improved. I get many compliments and everyone wants to know how I did it. It actually wasn’t really that hard! Meyken adviced me: just tell others you have a goal!
I am very grateful and can really recommend Meyken and Flex Gym: Do not think you can’t do it, you can do it!

Annelies (60), Barendrecht

22 kilos lighter: Do not think you can’t do it; you can!
Annelies, 60, Barendrecht


I’ve always been on the heavy side. A few years in the USA, married, children, a busy job, a lot of traveling. My life was completely out of balance. I felt that I was very sporty and had a reasonably healthy diet. But the reality was really different. At Crossfit I met Meyken. After the intake, the idea was to set the goal to 100 kg. At that time my weight was somewhere around 116-118 kilos. 100 kg was a magic number for me, because I hadn’t been below that for many years.
I thought I had a pretty good idea where I started, but looking back I had no clue. It was the beginning of a journey that is far from over, but challenged and confronted me both physically and mentally.
Eventually, I lost 30 kilos, I developed healthy eating habits and integrated sports as part of my every day life. I now do competitions and challenge myself regularly to push my limits.
The year 2019 was ‘life changing’ in several respects.
Many people ask what diet I followed. It is not a diet, it’s just eating what you should be eating and not more than that. Be aware of what you put in your mouth and what impact it has on your body.
I can definately recommend Meyken as your coach!

Daniel, 38, Berkel en Rodenrijs

30 kg lighter: 2019 was a life changing year!
Daniel, 38, Berkel en Rodenrijs


Who would have thought? Well, certainly not me. Mid forty, busy job, kids, married, playing sports. Why I’m I overweight?
I eat healthy, spend a lot of time outdoors, bike to work, love my beers. The good life right?
Meyken opened my eyes for the ‘assassins’ in my nutritional habits. And she kept pushing me to make the most of it.
During the first month, my family regularly shouted:”Probably can’t have that because of that woman, right?
After 11 months, the kids eat more healthy and are even stricter than Meyken: “Dad, are you sure you can eat that?” is what they shout nowadays.
Meyken isn’t just strict, she’s also very motivating when you feel a bit lost. Anyway, the result?
From 110 kg to 85 kg in 11 months!
It takes a lot of discipline and shifting your mindset on food and exercise.
I’m definately sticking to Meyken’s motto: nourish your body instead of just filling it up.
Thanks very much Meyken!

Michiel, 46, The Hague

From 110 kg to 85 kg in 11 months
Michiel, The Hague


After a period of injuries, I had the need for professional advice on how to exercise and eat in a more responsible way. Meyken holds up a mirror, in which you can find both confirmation as a new challenge. On this basis, you can get started right away, if necessary with coaching in the way. Very nice!

A mirror for a new challenge, very nice!
Wendy, Voorschoten


For some months after I struggled with injuries I got in touch with Flex Gym. The goal was to get fitter and stronger, get rid of back pain and start enjoy exercising again. Meyken put together a program for me in which balance, coordination, endurance and strength were the building blocks. I find Meyken to be a very knowledgeable and experienced trainer, a committed professional pur sang. With great pleasure I was coached by her and can recommend it to everyone. But most importantly I am finally injury free!

Injury free!
Annelie, Den Haag


I started nutritional coaching at Flex Gym in March 2015.  After the birth of my twins, I lost the pregnancy weight after one year. But… I had enough of my big belly! Since I’m familiar with the jo jo effect, I went to Meyken for advice. She showed me that a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits make you lose weight and help you to keep it of permanently! After three months I lost 8 kilo and the weight didn’t come back on! ?

In shape after the birth of my twins!
Paula, Den Haag


I took a three month- nutritional coaching at Flex Gym and Meyken has learned me so much! Besides monitoring my daily eating habits and receiving nutritional advice, Meyken motivated me to really consider and think about my eating pattern and habits. This approach changes your mindset, with great results! I lost 10 kg… totally happy!

A different mindset with results!
Suzanne, Den Haag


Meyken helped me lose weight by analysing my eating habits and by monitoring my results that I achieved by constantly adjusting and perfecting my nutrition. I lost a lot of weight in three months, feel much fitter and have more knowledge on what to eat.

More than 10 kg in 3 months!
Maartje, Den Haag