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Who would have thought? Well, certainly not me. Mid forty, busy job, kids, married, playing sports. Why I’m I overweight?
I eat healthy, spend a lot of time outdoors, bike to work, love my beers. The good life right?
Meyken opened my eyes for the ‘assassins’ in my nutritional habits. And she kept pushing me to make the most of it.
During the first month, my family regularly shouted:”Probably can’t have that because of that woman, right?
After 11 months, the kids eat more healthy and are even stricter than Meyken: “Dad, are you sure you can eat that?” is what they shout nowadays.
Meyken isn’t just strict, she’s also very motivating when you feel a bit lost. Anyway, the result?
From 100 kg to 85 kg in 11 months!
It takes a lot of discipline and shifting your mindset on food and exercise.
I’m definately sticking to Meyken’s motto: nourish your body instead of just filling it up.
Thanks very much Meyken!

Michiel, 46, The Hague

From 110 kg to 85 kg in 11 months
Michiel, The Hague


After a period of injuries, I had the need for professional advice on how to exercise and eat in a more responsible way. Meyken holds up a mirror, in which you can find both confirmation as a new challenge. On this basis, you can get started right away, if necessary with coaching in the way. Very nice!

A mirror for a new challenge, very nice!
Wendy, Voorschoten


For some months after I struggled with injuries I got in touch with Flex Gym. The goal was to get fitter and stronger, get rid of back pain and start enjoy exercising again. Meyken put together a program for me in which balance, coordination, endurance and strength were the building blocks. I find Meyken to be a very knowledgeable and experienced trainer, a committed professional pur sang. With great pleasure I was coached by her and can recommend it to everyone. But most importantly I am finally injury free!

Injury free!
Annelie, Den Haag


I started nutritional coaching at Flex Gym in March 2015.  After the birth of my twins, I lost the pregnancy weight after one year. But… I had enough of my big belly! Since I’m familiar with the jo jo effect, I went to Meyken for advice. She showed me that a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits make you lose weight and help you to keep it of permanently! After three months I lost 8 kilo and the weight didn’t come back on! ?

In shape after the birth of my twins!
Paula, Den Haag


I took a three month- nutritional coaching at Flex Gym and Meyken has learned me so much! Besides monitoring my daily eating habits and receiving nutritional advice, Meyken motivated me to really consider and think about my eating pattern and habits. This approach changes your mindset, with great results! I lost 10 kg… totally happy!

A different mindset with results!
Suzanne, Den Haag


Meyken helped me lose weight by analysing my eating habits and by monitoring my results that I achieved by constantly adjusting and perfecting my nutrition. I lost a lot of weight in three months, feel much fitter and have more knowledge on what to eat.

More than 10 kg in 3 months!
Maartje, Den Haag


Meyken is a very knowledgeable and inspirational coach who helped me move toward my fitness goal by encouraging me expand my horizons!

Knowledgable and inspirational coach!
Abbey, Voorburg


Meyken coached me for three months on healthy nutrition. A year ago I gave birth to my second son and I couldn’t get rid of the last ten kilo. During the coaching I lost three kilo and last month another 1,5! Meyken’s coachig meant to me eating more healthy without having to follow a strict diet. I got more insight into the needs of my body. My glucose readings have improved and my diabetic is set much better. I lost weight and feel much fitter. Thanks to all the advice I can easily achieve my goals on my own!


My glucose readings have improved, I lost weight and feel a lot fitter!
Annely, Voorburg


It was pleasant that Meyken took the time to analyse my eating habits. Some questions were actually quite tricky. The detailed advice that I got is very handy to have and to be able to read later again. I would prefer to take a pill or surgery to lose weight as quickly as possible. But I realise that this either does not exist or is very risky. I fear that I must work hard for myself and for ensuring that the choices I make are the right ones. Consultation by Flex Gym made me more conscious dealing with food and some what more conscious about the choices I make when it comes to snacks and drinking water. But, it’s not easy: baby steps in the right direction!

Thanks to Flex Gym, I now make more conscious choices!
Cynthia, Den Haag


I’ve been working out for years at the gym. Sometimes classes like Body Pump and Kick Fun and sometimes working the equipment by myself. Meyken’s coaching is a welcome change. Nine months ago I gave birth to my daughter. Meyken coaches me to do the right exercises to get back into shape. It’s great to have a coach who thinks along with you!

It’s great to have a coach who thinks along with you!
Esther, Den Haag