Everyone can live a healthy life, but it is not equally easy for everyone.
We coach you how to be healthy on your own power. The key to lasting results.
Our slogan: Create your own health: Where and whenever you want!©

About Flex Gym

Flex Gym is founded from the belief that everyone can live a healthy life, but it’s not equally easy for everyone. For example because it’s hard to find the time and energy to exercise. Or because physical and mental limitations are holding you back. Due to all the food hypes, it can be unclear what healthy eating is. And with a stressful job and the need to be online 24/7, relaxing and sleeping can be a challenge. Old habits are hard to break. And feeling less vital can cause insecurities, that make it even harder to break through those old unhealthy patterns. Lifestyle coaching can facilitate your road to a healthier life.

  • Create your own health. Where and whenever you want!©

Flex Gym’s slogan is: Create your own health! Our key point is Positive Health: We are deeply convinced that independence is the key to lasting success. No one benefits from long term dependence on a personal trainer or nutritional coach. Learning how you can live healthy on your own power and develop healthy habits, is far more valuable. We coach you in a way that fits your life as perfectly as possible. To lower the barriers for you to live a healthy life, we will meet you wherever you like and coach you at home or at your workplace. FLEXible and Mobile.

  • Specialist in Healthy Ageing

The team has many years of experience in individual and group coaching in lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, stress and relaxation. With fantastic results and clients to be very proud of! We’re specialized in Healthy Ageing: how to live a healthy and happy life for as long as possible.


Meyken is the owner of Flex Gym. She has over 20 years of experience as a certified lifestyle coach, nutritional expert, personal trainer, mental strength trainer, group fitness instructor and Crossfit Level 3 coach. Meyken is accredited by the Dutch association of lifestyle coaches, the Dutch association of weight consultants and the Dutch Quality Registration and Accreditation of Health professionals, specialized in lifestyle coaching, weight control, sports nutrition, nutrition for seniors and emotion-eating disorders. She is certified as lifecoach for seniors, specialized in psychology in health and ageing. Meyken offers lifestyle coaching focusing on Positive Health and Healthy Ageing.

Meyken has a Phd in Social and Behavioural Sciences and among others a Master of science in Human Resource Management with background in reintegration, vitality and sustainable employability. Furthermore she completed several courses in coaching, exercise and nutrition at Wageningen University, University of Berkeley, Dutch Academy of physical education, Rotterdam University of Applied Science, NASM Personal Training, Les Mills, Crossfit Inc (Level 3), Spinning (Elite and Power), Fysio Physics, CIVAS and LOI. Find Meyken. Meyken’s second career is in societal, policy and government research and advice. Currently she’s working on her master of science in Health Psychology. More info via her website and Linkedin.


Bart is a true group coach by heart. He is certified as personal trainer and Crossfit coach. Bart loves tactical game elements in sports. Like no other, Bart can tell you how Flex Gym can help you live a healthier life and lose weight with lasting results. Coached by Flex Gym, Bart lost 25 kg in 6 months. Of a life that consisted of sedentary work and unhealthy eating it is now a manner of course for Bart to take good care of himself and to inspire others.

Bart has a Master of Arts in Social Sciences and completed several courses in sports and nutrition, including Crossfit Level 2 and Kids and in Personal Training. He has a background in judo/ jiu-jitsu, volleyball, fitness and Crossfit. Bart has lots of experience with bootcamp for kids, adults and with sporty company events. Find Bart. Bart’s second career is in public policy, government and change management. He regularly performs as sporty moderator coaching change management processes for several organizations. More info.

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