Rotterdam shows: A longer and disease-free life by exercise, healthy diet and non-smoking

Long-term scientific research in Rotterdam shows:
Exercise, a healthy diet and not smoking can delay the onset of heart failure, diabetes, cancer and dementia by 9 years.





The research was carried out under 9061 inhabitants of Rotterdam of 45 years and older, in the period July 1989 to January 2012. The group existed for 40% of men and 60% of women and the average age was 64 years. All participants were healthy at the start of the research: none of them suffered from a stroke, heart failure, diabetes, COPD, cancer or a neurodegenerative disease such as dementia.

During the research period 9 out of 10 participants we diagnosed with such a non-communicable disease and at least a third of them with even more than one.

The three biggest risks are: smoking, high blood pressure and overweight (BMI > 25).

By preventing these risks, the onset of a serious and often difficult to treat non-communicable disease can be delayed by 9 years. In addition, life expectancy rises significantly.

Exercise, a healthy diet and non-smoking can minimalize the 3 risks and contribute to a longer disease free life.