Exercise yourself towards health! Regular exercise makes you feel physically and mentally healthier.

Flex Gym coaches you to find ways to exercise regularly, in a way that suits your life. For better sports results, and to find the motivation and stamina within yourself.

Flex Gym has many years of experience in lifestyle coaching, personal training and mental strength training and is international certified in several sports. Flex Gym is affiliated with NL Actief.


Exercise as medicine

Exercising on a regular basis is essential for your physical en mental health. It improves your cardiovascular health, increases muscle strength and makes you feel physically and mentally healthier.

Exercising helps to maintain a healthy weight and reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, obesity and heart failure. Moreover, it contributes to Healthy Ageing by slowing down the process of ageing. Regular exercise reduces the risk of depressive symptoms. It improves your mood and the performance of your brain. And it helps relax and sleep better.

  • Exercise guide lines
    Regular exercise means between 150 and 180 minutes of exercise a week. The evidence-based guideline is 5 days a week of 30 minutes at moderate intensity such as brisk walking, plus 3 days of 20 minutes at higher intensity as running and two days a week muscle strengthening and balance exercises. If you want to lose weight, the advice is to double to about 300 minutes per week.*

Lifestyle coaching

  • Coaching in exercise
    It is important to enjoy exercising, so you can keep it up for a long time. If you do not know what kind of exercise you like or don’t know how to incorporate it into your busy life, we will coach you to figure this out and find effective solutions. Sometimes you already know what kind of exercise you like or already play sports and want more results and more motivation. Or you want to pick up your routine after an injury or pregnancy, but do not know how.
    Flex Gym has many years of experience in personal training and mental strength training. We coach you to find the way to exercise regularly in a way that fits your life. Or to get better results and (re)find the motivation and stamina within yourself. The starting point is a comprehensive analysis of your lifestyle and your qualities to create the lifestyle you desire on your own power. The Flex Method© makes exercising regularly easy and self- evident!
  • Exercise, nutrition and relaxation in balance
    The best results are achieved when exercise, nutrition and relaxation are in balance. For example, an unhealthy diet can have a negative effect on your sports results and even on your sleep. Therefor our Flex Method© is a professional tailor- made approach that integrates all aspects of your health and lifestyle. So even when your coaching starts with the wish to get fitter, we also pay attention to your nutrition habits and relaxation pattern. We focus on all aspects of your lifestyle for optimal results.
  • Lifestyle coaching: Create your own health!
    Flex Gym is founded from the believe that everyone can live a healthy life, but it’s not equally easy for everyone. We all have the qualities within ourselves to reach our goals and dreams, but sometimes we get stuck in old (unhealthy) habits and patterns that are hard to break on our own. Lifestyle coaching focusses on identifying and breaking these patterns and learning new more healthy ones. We teach you how you can take control over your lifestyle and reach your goals and wishes on your own power: Create your own health! Lifestyle coaching can ease the road to a healthy lifestyle.

More information

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*source: Health Council of The Netherlands, WHO