No more dieting, yet lasting results on your own power! 

Flex Gym is specialized in weight guidance, sports nutrition and nutri gerontology (nutrition for elderly).

Flex Gym offers intensive tailor made nutritional advice, covered by most Dutch health insurers. 



Want to reach your ideal weight or have more energy or better sports results? Want to age healthy and reduce menopause symptoms?

Flex Gym teaches you how to get your diet structurally in order. Eating healthy in a way that suits your life.

We do no offer prescribed dietary menus or meal replacement products! We teach you how to listen to your body.

Our treatment is based on the Flex- Method©: a step by step evidence- based approach. We offer personal tailor made advice and coaching to reach your goals and maintain results. Healthy eating becomes natural.


1. Make an appointment

To make an appointment, send us an email.

2. Screening by phone

After receiving your email, we will call you for a short screening. We assess if we can help you immediately, or if it is wiser to refer you to the family doctor for before treatment is started. If the treatment can be started immediately, we will ask you to keep track of your eating pattern for a number of days. (The screening takes 10 minutes).

3. Extensive personal intake

During the extensive personal intake we discuss the reason for coming and your help question. The intake is meant to provide the best possible insight into your nutrition and exercise pattern and your lifestyle. We go through a comprehensive questionnaire and make some measurements such as of your bodyweight and body composition. Together, we determine your goals. If necessary, we  consult your attending physician. At the end of the intake we make an appointment for the treatment consult. (The extensive personal intake takes 60 minutes)

4. Treatment consult

On the basis of a detailed analysis of all information collected from the intake, a personal treatment plan is made, so you can reach your goals in the best possible way. During the treatment consult this plan is discussed. The treatment plan includes tailor made nutritional advice, tips and a step by step method to reach your goals. (The treatment consult takes 30 minutes)

5. Follow up consults

During the follow up consults we discuss how it goes. We discuss your experiences, you’ll get information and practical tips on nutrition and exercise and you will be coached to reach your goals and maintain results. Also your progress is being measured. Together we determine the number of required follow up consults. (The follow up consult takes 20 minutes, or longer if requested)


Nutrition is the basis of a healthy life. It determines more than 70 perfect of your results in the field of health and fitness. Exercising for at least 30 minutes per day is essential too. The best results in health and fitness are posted when your nutrition and exercise are perfectly aligned. Besides seperate nutritional or exercise advice, Flex Gym offers the possibility of integrating the both in one treatment. You’ll learn how to reach your goals in the field of nutrition and exercise on your own power.

Costs are covered

Flex Gym specializes in weight guidance, sports nutrition and nutri- gerontology. We are affiliated to the Dutch Professional Association of Nutritionists. Nutritional advice is covered by most Dutch health insurers.

More information

For more information, please contact us.